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Scalp Micropigmentation In The Summer

UV rays cause a lot of damage to hair tattoo, which makes the longevity of hair tattoo shorter, the uv rays lighten the pigment in the skin which is the main product in Hair Tattoo. Simon Ford from Hair Tattoo advises applying at least a factor 30 onto your scalp at least 30 minutes before…
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We Are Looking For People With Failed Hair Transplants

Have you suffered a failed hair transplant? Our Team at Hair Tattoo specializes in helping people who have had Hair transplants and they fail for many reasons, which lead to no hair or scarring in the donor area,For patients undergoing a hair restoration procedure to address hair loss or hair thinning, this is supposed to…
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Summer Hairlines Are Made In Winter

Look good for the summer of 2022 It is very commonly referred saying, “a summer body, is made in the winter” and that is so true, but even more the case regarding Hair Tattoo, With three sessions taking over a course of 6 weeks, then with our aftercare advice regarding swimming and sweating, there is…
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Is Hair Loss More Stressful This Time Of Year

Hair loss in Winter Hair Tattoo is often asked “why does my hair seem to fall out more in winter, Stress and weather conditions are closely connected to why it is more noticeable that hair loss is more common in winter months You can experience hair loss when you’re going through a situation where your…
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Hair Tattoo Reviews

Hair Tattoo reviews are such a great tool for our new customers. here is a selection of some of our reviews “ Absolutely spot on service and amazing results!! I must admit, I was slightly sceptical when I first read about SMP (hair tattoo). My hair has been thinning since the age of 30 and…
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Hairline Tattoo

What is a hairline tattoo At Hair Tattoo we have seen an increase in inquiry’s into hairline tattooing to our Clinic’s in London & Essex, The inquiry’s are from male & female who are dealing with hair loss due to friction or a receding hair line, so there’s an advanced cosmetic procedure for that. It…
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Hair loss in under 40’s

It is becoming even more common that a lot of under 40’s have thinning hair, and need to have an ultimate guide on how to handle it. So, I figured I’d address a bit of the process and what you can do about it & feel that Hair Tattoo is one of the leading treatments…
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Beard MicroPigmentaion In East London & Essex

The growth in beard micro pigmentation in East London & Essex has increased in 2022 Beard pigmentation or beard tattooing is creating a design or art around the patches of the beard or mustache on places where it is hard for the male subject to generate hair. Usually, men are frustrated if they are unable…
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Can Hair Tattoo Help Women Hair Loss?

Do you feel like your hair lacks density or is thinning? If you cannot stand seeing your hair thinning, losing its volume, we can help you by increasing your hair density with Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) while matching your natural hair color. Hair Tattoo for Women – How Can it Help? The appearance of a full…
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