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Hairline Tattoos in London

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At Hair Tattoo, London and Essex, we also offer hairline tattoos. Hairline tattoos are a great way to crisp up your hairline, Hairline tattoos have become a popular way to add subtle decoration to your hair. Our qualified and experienced team will create a small and discreet tattoo, placed along the hairline. They are often geometric shapes or simple lines, but they can also be more elaborate designs. Talk to one of our friendly staff about what you want your hairline tattoo to look like and we will create your vision.

Our hairline tattoos will be done with a fine needle, using black or coloured ink. The results can be very subtle, or quite dramatic depending on the design. We will discuss this beforehand so we can create the perfect tattoo that fulfils your needs. 

Hairline tattoos can be a great option for anyone looking for a discreet way to express themselves. They are relatively low commitment, but can still have a big impact. Our creative and talented artists can create a unique look that will be sure to turn heads.

Benefits to a hairline tattoo:

  • Sharpen Up Hairline
  • Customise your look without having to commit to a noticeable tattoo
  • Great way to express yourself
  • Improve appearance 
  • Keep that fresh hairline
Hair line tattoo at Hair Tattoo

Why should you choose Hair Tattoo?

At Hair Tattoos, London and Essex, we offer personalised hairline tattoo services to our clients. We want to create your vision and are confident you will leave happy and satisfied with the results of your tattoo. 

We follow cosmetic hair tattoo best practices to accurately provide outstanding and realistic hairline tattoos, using state of the art, market leading equipment. 

All of our talented artists are experienced and qualified, with every treatment we consider skin tone, hair colours and direction of hair growth to ensure natural-looking results. 

With every tattoo treatment our clinic consistently adheres to strict hygiene regulations, so that our customers can be rest assured that they are in a safe and sterile environment. All of our tools and equipment are thoroughly sanitised, and your treatment will be carried out in a secluded room to ensure privacy.


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