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One of the reasons you are reading this, is because of hair loss ?

At Hair Tattoo we fully understand that hair loss can be a very sensitive topic, 

With over 30yrs in the hair industry,
hair loss and the challenges it brings is something we are commonly exposed to.
With the worlds fastest growing hair loss solution, scalp micropigmentation has helped over 500,000 men and women overcome anxiety and restore confidence. Here is everything you need to know about this amazing treatment. 

Female Hair Loss

50% of women over the age of 50 experience hair loss?
But at Hair Tattoo we are here to help. Female hair loss is more common than people realize and is something that we don’t really talk about – and we really should.
So no need to feel embarrassed about, let’s put the smile back on your face.

More About Female Hair Loss

Male Hair Loss

For many men, the moment we realise our follicles are thinning is the beginning of the end for our self-esteem.

The reality is, though, we are far from alone in this struggle: in one study, 42% of men between the age of 18-49 were found to have moderate to extensive hair loss. So while it feels cruel, there is comfort in numbers.



An innovative and modern treatment that breaks all conventional hair loss rules.
The process has released over half a million men and women worldwide from the stress and anxiety of hair loss.

How Many Sessions

Hair Tattoo is a 3 session treatment. You have your initial treatment, then your second session is around 14 days later then 3rd session 4 weeks after that. This gives the pigment time to heal (assess colouring) get even and full coverage.

What Is Hair Tattoo

Hair Tattoo is the common name for SMP ‘Scalp Micro-Pigmentation’,  “SMP” is to implant medical graded pigment with micro thin needles into the scalp by 1mm-1.5mm to create the illusion of hair follicle, stubble or increased density in hair bearing areas that have lost hair.

How Much Does It Cost

This depends on your hair loss and coverage needed, as everyone’s needs is different this will be quoted to each individual. But prices do start from as little as £150 per session, To get a quote you can send pictures via WhatsApp for a free consultation.
A £100 non refundable deposit is need to secure your appointment in which comes off your treatment.

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Our Clinic’s are based in London & Essex

 We Fully Understand

Our journey with hair started over 30yrs ago in the West End of London, traning at the famous London College Of Fashion.
Hair loss can result in different emotional and psychological issues connected with how we see ourselves and how we think people perceive us. Many people are able to accept that they’re progressively losing hair. But hair loss can devastate others, which causes depression and anxiety.

So how can Hair Tattoo Help!

Hair Tattoo will help you to regain your confidence and love your hair again, whether you are male or female.
You are experiencing thinning hair, right?
Hair loss affects both men and women and may be causing you some anxiety or affecting your confidence. This treatment is a state-of-the-art hair tattoo which is to create Hair illusion, We provide the most advanced of hair tattoo treatments. the perfect long term solution to help give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. 

Hair Tattoo

How Does Hair-Tattoo Work

The Secret of Hair Tattoo Success

How does it work?

The process is like building a house, by building solid foundations during session one, then the second session is when the bulk of the work looks like it is done but without great foundations the building would collapse, the bricks are layed and the roof is put on and all of the house is built, then the third session is when it is fully decorated,

Micro needles are used to deposit a natural pigment in the dermal layer of skin, which is matched to the client’s existing hair colour or skin and the treatment is completed over 3 sessions.

Firstly we hold a free online consultations,

Once you are happy, to secure an appointment a £100 non-refundable deposit will be required in which will come off your sessions.

Treatment 1

The foundations are layed during your first session, We define the outline for the treatment and apply the first phase by restoring the hairline and creating an illusion of hair,

Treatment 2

Around Fourteen days after session one, We study how you scalp has taken to your first treatment, Then in session two is when the bulk of the denisty is produced, This is where we complete the application of thousands of tiny dots, carefully blending this in to your natural hair colour and creating an on trend, all over close-shaved look, with no patching and no mixed colour shading.

Follow Up

Precision finishing – for a stylish look. After one month after session two, we see you one last time, for a final application, creating maximum density and providing any finishing touch-ups that are needed.

Benefits Of Hair-Tattoo

No down time you can be back to work the next day ✅

Cheaper than a hair transplant ✅

Won’t be left with scaring unlike failed hair transplant✅

Guaranteed results✅

Looks exactly like a shaved head✅

Great for female hairline density

Is excellent for thinning hair ✅

Great treatment to cover alopecia or scars✅

Every look tailored to each individual ✅

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Lucky for me my hair as always been full and thick and able to style ( however ) my beard in over 20 years has never been right, with patches in side burns also jawline have always made me feel terrible until I decided to give hair illusion a go, to be honest I’m shocked aswell as over the moon with the results! Massive change in confidence 

Mr S

After years of having scars on my head due to cyst on my head, I feel very exposed and it feels people always looking at my head, a friend recommended Hair illusion and I’ve never looked back, thanks to Simon on doing a great job and I’ve recommended to friends who have suffered with hair loss.

Mr M

Company name

Having spent most of my twenties suffering hair loss and wearing a cap most of my adult life, The biggest confidence boost for me was walking out of the clinic without my cap,
After hearing about SMP, I researched many clinics around East London and found Hair Tattoo to be the one, Simon is great & made me feel so comfortable & I have not felt so confident in such a long time, Thank you Simon for doing such a great job & I highly recommend Hair Tattoo.

Mr J

Company name

As a woman I’m constantly worried about my thin hair. After having Covid my hair got even thinner! Hair Tattoo has given me my confidence back! Absolutely amazing! Thanks Simon

Mrs B

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Who have no greater plesure in boosting your confidence with Hair Tattoo

Simon Ford

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