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We Are Looking For People With Failed Hair Transplants

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We Are Looking For People With Failed Hair Transplants

Have you suffered a failed hair transplant?

Our Team at Hair Tattoo specializes in helping people who have had Hair transplants and they fail for many reasons, which lead to no hair or scarring in the donor area,
For patients undergoing a hair restoration procedure to address hair loss or hair thinning, this is supposed to be an entirely life-altering (in an effective way) and exciting experience; so an unsuccessful or failed hair transplant can be especially demoralizing leading to depression and anxiety. Reputable hair restoration surgeons feel the same way and we do not wish for our patients to endure a failed hair transplant – which is why Hair Tattoo specialist Simon Ford, spends a great deal of time and energy devoted to the planning process so that the likelihood of a failed hair transplant is minimized to the greatest extent possible.

If the hair transplant has failed, you should take initial steps by researching a credible hair tattoo specialist with the goal of determining the cause of the failed procedure and developing a course of action for correcting the issue once and for all. Reconstructing a failed hair transplant is no easy task and should only be left to the most suited hair loss clinic like ours. Whether your transplant was performed in the past year or was performed over a decade ago; skilled people like Simon understand how to correct a previously failed hair transplant and can ensure that any future procedures are successful and yield a permanent solution with optimal results for the patient.

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