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Hair Transplants Scar Repair with Hair Tattoo

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Can We Repair Hair Transplant Scars ?

We certainly can, do you have a scar on your head you would like to cover? If you have a scar on your scalp following a hair transplant surgery or an accident, we can help you conceal it at Hair Tattoo, over 30% of our customers have had a hair transplant, so that the finish appears seamless with the surrounding existing hair.

Hair Tattoo for surgical scars

Hair transplants are typically the most extreme form of hair restoration that people suffering from hair loss will try. They are considered extreme because of the invasive nature of the surgery and the high cost attached. Many find themselves considering this option when they have been unable to find another effective solution. Hair is a source of pride and confidence for most people. We make daily efforts to keep it well-groomed as it is an integral part of our appearance. When hair begins to shed in unusual amounts and you begin to see a change in hairline or scalp, it can be shocking. The causes of hair loss can often be diagnosed by a doctor, but the remedies are often few and not always effective. Transplants are helpful to those that suffer localized hair loss. Hair follicles can be taken from where there is plenty and added to where there is a loss. There are two typical approaches used in this treatment.

Hair Transplants Scar Repair with Hair Tattoo

Types of hair transplants

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) also known as Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) or strip excision harvesting, it involves the extraction of a 6-10 inch strip of scalp where hair growth is strong and plentiful. This is typically from the back of the head. After removal, the extraction site is sewn shut. This strip is then cut into many smaller pieces. This can range from 500-2000 grafts.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – for this procedure, the surgeon will shave the back of the head and begin to remove donor hair follicles one at a time. It will appear as though many small dots have been punched into the scalp.

Once the donor grafts are ready, the area that suffered hair loss will be prepared. Once cleaned and numbed, the surgeon will create slits or holes using a scalpel or needle. A graft will be carefully placed into each incision until done. Both these types of hair transplants have become more refined over the years, as with many other cosmetic procedures. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict how a patient’s scalp will react even with the most precisely done procedure. Some will heal beautifully, hardly showing a mark, while others will have a pronounced scar that is difficult not to notice. Even with longer hairs from either side of the scar brushed over, some scars can still be easily seen. FUT scars tend to be the most noticeable. However, even FUE scars can be noticed when compared against surrounding areas of hair that are more evenly dense.

How can Hair Tattoo help cover surgical scars on your scalp?

Many hair transplant surgeons and clinics now refer their patients for Hair Tattooing, By implanting organic black ink into the scalp, Hair Tattoo helps to create the impression of natural hair follicles. Hair Tattoo Results can last as much as 4-6 years before requiring a touch-up. It is a fairly painless procedure and produces a natural-looking result that will restore lost confidence. For surgical scar cases, it helps even out the appearance of hair follicles at the back of the head for anyone who prefers a shorter cut. For those that maintain longer hair, Hair Tattoo can also provide density to be an added benefit to a hair transplant. This means the bareness of the scar is covered up, helping to conceal evidence that the person had any procedure done. The same effect is provided whether the person underwent FUT or FUE. Scar tissue can be quite thick and not react to pigments as a normal scalp would. For normal treatments, clients can expect to undergo 3-4 sessions of 1-6 hours each. For surgical scar cases, additional sessions may be required as we check on how well the area has taken to the treatment. It is not just the scar area that will be worked on. The areas on either side will also have some SMP work done so that a blended natural look can be achieved. Note that the FUT/FUE scar cover with Hair Tattoo can only be done at least 8-12 months after the surgery to ensure that the wounds are completely healed internally and externally.



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