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Hairline Tattoo

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Hairline Tattoo

What is a hairline tattoo

At Hair Tattoo we have seen an increase in inquiry’s into hairline tattooing to our Clinic’s in London & Essex,

The inquiry’s are from male & female who are dealing with hair loss due to friction or a receding hair line, so there’s an advanced cosmetic procedure for that. It goes by the name of scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) which is commonly know as hair tattoo and it’s gaining traction amongst modern men & woman.

Hairline tattooing works by way of a meticulous procedure, during which tiny pigments are injected directly into the scalp. It might sound similar to traditional tattooing, but it’s not quite that exactly. For starters, hairline tattooing involves a smaller needle, also known as a microneedle. This is because typical (i.e. larger) tattoo needles are too imprecise by comparison, and when it comes to replicating tiny hair follicles, absolute precision is a must.

What is it Like to Get a New Hairline Tattoo?

Before we get to things like the cost of a hairline tattoo, you should know what you’re getting yourself into. Here’s what you can expect over the course of your procedure, which usually breaks down into either two or three separate treatments:

  • Your journey begins with a consultation, where you and a practitioner decide which style will work best for you and your scalp.
  • That’s followed by an initial treatment session of relatively tame proportion. It lays the initial groundwork for your future look and doesn’t require more than a day or two of recovery time.
  • The second treatment gets a little more intensive, as the practitioner fills in more details and implements darker pigments. The ink will usually be a tad darker than your hair’s natural colour, so as to render the appearance of a shadow, which in turn creates the illusion of life-like hair.
  • In many cases, the second treatment will be your last. However, sometimes a third treatment is necessary, especially if you want to go even darker in the pigment department.
  • Immediately after your final session, you might notice glaring pigment dots followed by dry skin. Which is all part of the important dry healing stage but Fret not, as this is part of the process. When the treatment heals,
  • Congratulations on your new hairline tattoo and your new look!

Is Hairline Tattoo Painful

It’s common knowledge that the hairline is one of the most sensitive areas to get a tattoo, but remember, this is scalp micro-pigmentation (and that’s not exactly the same thing). At Hair Tattoo the needles we use are micro small & we always us the best products you can expect less pain than you’d experience from a typical tattoo procedure.

That said, you’ll probably experience some pain during the treatment, just not a lot of pain. “Mild discomfort” is the term your practitioner will probably use. Furthermore, some areas of the hairline might be more sensitive than others, meaning the specific amount of pain might vary from one area to the next. But in our experience at Hair Tattoo women do have a better pain threshold




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